Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinets

The Ulti-Mate Garage line of cabinets was born from a request to utilize the excess capacity of a wood products factory.  We looked at the market and recognized the need for a smartly elevated feature set for this ready-to-assemble cabinet line to compete with options that were dramatically cost reduced to hit retail price points.

Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinets feature a painted front door with rounded corners and a radius front edge.  The handles were designed to line up horizontally for a look more akin to a custom cabinet installation.  The base cabinets feature a thicker top surface with a recess for preventing small parts from rolling off, a problem unique to garage cabinets. Finally, an add-on workbench design allows for this surface to be used as a spoil board, which can be replaced without changing out entire cabinets.  Features like these are small but add up to have a great impact at the point of sale.

The Ulti-Mate Garage Cabinet line began life as a product sold at Sears.  Rute supported every aspect of this product’s design and engineering as well as the on-floor retail roll-out.  Sales and Marketing materials were also produced, including deliverables like box art, instruction manuals, and assembly instructions.  Today the product lives on-line, still using the images created using the visualization process.