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maxwell | june

The maxwell|june shaving system combines the style, quality and frugality of a traditional safety razor with the ease and performance of a multi-blade disposable cartridge.  Many shaving enthusiasts argue the DE (double edge) Safety Razor Blade provides the closest shave, but the learned technique and user precision required is intimidating.  We have developed a patent pending head design that, when used with our loading press, can convert almost any DE Safety Razor Blade into a two-blade cartridge style razor with minimal handling and no plastic waste.


Home Depot Checkout

The Home Depot checkout POD looks uncomplicated but represents one of our most complex programs and partnerships to date.

We were required to carefully combine contract furniture sensibilities and program features with industrial-strength performance and durability along with the support and speed to market found in retail fixture programs. Finally, it had to mesh with the manufacturing capabilities of our manufacturing partner in order to be successful.

Originally slated to replace and reconfigure the Pro section of Home Depot locations, the POD eventually became the solution for the entire front of each store. Previous solutions quickly suffered significant wear and tear by customers and equipment. The new design had to manage the weight of over one thousand pounds of merchandise and be able to take the impact of a lift truck collision.


Fast Retail

The Carlson Fixtures Fast Retail System was designed for ultimate flexibility and to be the foundation for mounting computer vision systems as well as sensing and marking technologies mounted at the shelf level allowing cashier-less popup stores to be deployed anywhere.

This award-winning system was designed, engineered, and installed in Golden 1 Center within 120 days of the project kickoff. This was made possible by developing modular structures specifically designed to accommodate technology needed in today’s fast changing retail environments.

A sheet metal base forms the foundation and functions as a power and data raceway. Off-the-shelf extruded aluminum forms the frame and custom-engineered connecting components allow for unlimited customization.

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We are a team of designers and engineers who love to tackle the most challenging of tasks in creative ways. Our deep history of commercially successful products and variety of experience is the library we draw from to solve your toughest business challenges. We look for solutions that work perfectly for you, your organization, and your customers.

Whether you contract us to complete one piece of your puzzle or partner with us on a full development program, we always think big picture and design beautiful solutions that work in the real world. Give us a chance and we will amaze you.



From inception an idea has to grow. Product development is an organic and subjective endeavor needing expert cultivation practices to fully realize the roll-out. Our capabilities are the tools we use to support the cycle. Rute has been through this many times and we have refined our approach to every part in the context of the whole.



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