EGO PGX™ Commercial Charging Intro Video

The EGO PGX™ Commercial Charging Intro Video showcases the results of our collaboration with the Ego Commercial Team at EGO.  This innovative take on charging was developed by EGO specifically for the unique needs of commercial landscaping crews as they convert from gas to electric equipment. 

Rute was called upon in the effort to translate this new and complex system into an easier to digest sales and marketing video that played on loop during their launch event at Equip Exposition 2023.

EGO’s groundbreaking system enables the overnight, unattended charging of a high volume of batteries from a single standard AC outlet. The introduction of a mobile charging product within the PGX™ system further amplifies its versatility.

Complementing the product, Rute developed additional software-based support products that were introduced with this animation.

The EGO PGX™ Commercial Charging project exemplifies Rute’s proficiency in navigating complex products, maintaining brand consistency, creatively visualizing concepts for sales and marketing and successfully merging disparate disciplines to deliver a project on time and within budget. It serves as a stellar representation of our capability to not only understand but elevate intricate technological solutions in the pursuit of client objectives.

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