Kobalt 24 Volt Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Production grade A-surface geometry development.

Collaborating closely with Kobalt’s Industrial Design and Engineering teams, Rute Design took on the task of developing the A-Surface CAD geometry for the Kobalt 24 Volt Straight Shaft String Trimmer.

This project involved the conversion of 2D design drawings into precise 3D surface geometry that enveloped the fixed internals provided by the engineering team. Working within a mixed software environment, Rute Design crafted the production-ready A-surface geometry using SolidWorks. Leveraging the parametric modeling capabilities of SolidWorks ensured adaptability as the engineering files underwent evolution throughout the development stages.

The String Trimmer’s geometry serves as a testament to our ability to model with exacting precision, adhering closely to brand language standards while seamlessly blending complex geometry with ergonomic surfacing.