Industrial Design

The process of Industrial Design applies art and design techniques to products that are intended to be mass produced.  As a profession Industrial Designers are known for their command of form more than function and are trained to be the voice of the products final user.

This is where the look and feel of the product is conceptualized by combining a deep knowledge of 3D design, ergonomics, usability and other user centered features.  The best designers can also balance the needs of Engineering, Marketing, Sales and other stakeholders into their work in order to conceive of solutions that can satisfy all aspects in a smart and beautify way.

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Hand and Digital Sketch Visualization
  3. Fast turn sketch models
  4. 3D concept modeling
  5. Complex surface modeling


Branding In New Product Development

Communicating who and what you are through everything that is seen by your customers.  Branding is baked in at every step of our process.  We concentrate on the subset of Branding that is applied to the physical product, marketing images, and product literature. Graphic Design Brand Language Development Color and

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Human Centered Design

Industrial Designers have historically been the advocate of the customer in the product development process.  Application of disciplines specific to physical interactions between a product and user are vital to a success every product.  These disciplines are separated from our Industrial Design process to highlight. Anthropometrics Ergonomics Usability and Interactivity

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The Art Of System Level Design

The highest level of Design, System Level Development means that the work we produce will either live inside of an existing system of SKU’s or will be forward thinking to allow for future SKU’s to grow with time and economies of scale.  We also apply time-based strategies to plan for

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