Tenex Trifold Whiteboard

Rute worked with Tenex to design and engineer this unique whiteboard, eraser, and dry erase marker.  The design targeted functionality and price points between inexpensive light-duty offerings and more feature-rich contract grade solutions.

The trifold design enables features found on more expensive options like an increase in the usable whiteboard space and the ability to close the leaves to hide content for privacy or to quickly transform your space for a clean look.  These features are achieved at an efficient price point by developing a unique, over-center spring-loaded hinge design that integrates with inexpensive corrugated plastic sheets.  The design achieves a perfect blend of performance and durability that is difficult to achieve at its price point.

Rute supported the development with engineering, prototyping, and testing efforts to find a solution that was appropriate for production.  This product required extensive design for manufacturing and design for assembly tasks due to its novel approach.