Hammer Strength Elite

Life Fitness approached Rute Design to work on their popular Hammer Strength brand requesting a refresh to give it “Attitude.”

Starting with story-boarding to illustrate the visualization of the words “extreme strength” and “durability.” Physical shapes were developed that spoke the same language. Rute centered in on the bracing of the equipment to make the biggest change.

What was once straight, slim, simple lines was redesigned with large stylized gussets combining mechanical advantage with visual style. The object now matched the task user itself. Hammer Strength’s rack is now visually BIG, BULKY, STRONG to match its ability to withstand a football player tossing an enormous amount of weight onto its pegs.

Initial concept ideation of a hammer beating an anvil lead to frame connection details that we see today as Hammer Strength’s Trade Marked “Anvil Bracing.’