Carlson Store Fixtures – Fast Retail Pop-Up

The Carlson Fixtures Fast Retail System was designed for ultimate flexibility and to be the foundation for mounting computer vision systems as well as sensing and marking technologies mounted at the shelf level allowing cashier-less popup stores to be deployed anywhere.

This award-winning system was designed, engineered, and installed in Golden 1 Center within 120 days of the project kickoff. This was made possible by developing modular structures specifically designed to accommodate technology needed in today’s fast changing retail environments.

Carlson Fixtures Pop-up Golden 1 Center

Element Award

Use of Technology

Quick Turn Concept Renderings

The project started with a brainstorming session and hand sketches that were quickly turned into site specific concept renderings.

Design For Manufacture Included In Every Concept

Carlson Popup System Engineering Design For Manufacture

Due to the short time frame from concept to prototype, every concept had to include more than just looks.  The method of prototyping and later production needed to be part of the plan.

Our solution was a combination of custom designed sheet metal parts and weldments that could be produced at varied quantities without long lead time tooling married with off the shelf 80-20 style extrusions.

A sheet metal base forms the foundation and functions as a power and data raceway. Off-the-shelf extruded aluminum forms the frame and custom-engineered connecting components allow for unlimited customization.

Prototyping And Micro Manufacturing

Prototyping and Alpha builds of the modular pop-up store required quantities that were smaller than normal production runs and larger than normal prototyping runs.

Animation Used To Support Sales

Animation was used to illustrate the flexibility of this modular pop up store system. Vastly different configurations can be achieved with a small number of core elements.

Empowering The Zippin System At Golden 1 Center