EGO 28 IN Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower

In collaboration with EGO, Rute Design produced this sales and marketing animation featuring the EGO 28 IN Snow Blower. The animation highlights the product’s functionality and captures the essence of its robust design and engineering excellence.

Unified Aesthetics: Harmonizing seamlessly with EGO’s established visual identity, our animation matches the existing look and feel of EGO’s product animations, ensuring a cohesive and brand-aligned viewing experience.

Trigger Controlled Steering: A tight shot was composed and animated to illustrate the ease of use and near zero-turn functionality achieved with the Trigger Controlled Steering feature.

Effortless Chute Adjustment: A single shot utilizes depth-of-field to focus on the lever motion of the 2-in-1 Electronic Chute Adjustment while having the resulting chute motion visible for context. The animated motion depicts the feel of this model’s electronic and motorized motion system vs the control wire connection of the lower cost version.

Throwing Distance Illustrated: Building on existing After Effects compositions, the animation illustrates the impressive throwing distance of the EGO 28 IN Snow Blower.

Heated Hand Grips: The animation marries rendered animation and After Effects 3D Graphics to bring to life the visuals of Heated Hand Grips.

Animation Frames