Rute invented and designed this product with our client from scratch. What used to be a dealer business, we specifically designed this product to perform well at on-line and big box retailers like Home Depot, Menards or Sears.

Standard 4' x 8' slatwall panels were reduced in size to 8 separate 4' x 1' panels and boxed in an easy relatively light UPS shippable container. This was accomplished with patented tongue-in-groove features as well as integrated dowel channels allowing these smaller pieces to connect back into full size panels.

Various accessories were designed including steel hooks; wire shelves and brackets; and fabric and plastic bins. Each of these components have a patented spring clip mechanism that "snap" into custom groove designed into the slatwall channel.

Flowwall cabinets are designed backless and mount by snapping into the slatwall. Users have endless possibilities to configure the interior of the storage space by combining the hooks shelves and bins with the cabinets. This feature is also patented.

Once finished Rute handled the manufacturing support in China, packaging design and in-store display design.

It is true product creation from the very beginning to the receipt at the register.