A.A. Laun

A long-standing US manufacturer was acquired by our client. They saw the opportunity of an established company with good heritage and recognized the challenge of a product line that hadn't changed in over a decade.

Rute helped to get them pointed in the right direction of what new skus to create we were asked to retain the old clients all while exciting thier new customers.

We approached the project in with an emphasis on concept generation starting with focus groups. The main change in design allowed for key asks like places for technology and sizes for urban living and open floor plans which were not as necessary 10 + years ago.

Keeping US manufacturing - one of the companies key sales points, all while keeping the price within the range of the competition was the overall goal. The end product - 5 collections of coffee and side tables which supported exactly what our client needed to do for their business needs - and succeeded with record breaking sales made in the USA.