Small Job - Portable Reel

A portable reel concept that is designed for versatility of use. The unique shape of the reel body can be rolled on the ground like a jack, carried by its handle or body or staked the the ground for support.

Small Job - Frame Reel

A portable reel frame with a generous handle designed to be easily carried. Use this reel for smaller jobs where a shorter hose is needed or space is in short supply.

Large Job - Rolling Frame

A portable reel frame with a large handle and wheels. This frame is easily rolled around the yard to get your hose where you need it. Large feet with stake holes, similar to the Portable Reel concept, allow the frame to be secured when more stability is needed.

Commercial - Heavy Duty Frame

A large wheeled axle design for large heavy duty hoses. The reel is sprung to the axle so that a hose can be connected to its source and pulled out to the job. The handle is plumbed allowing a shorter working hose to be used at the site.

Early Concept Sketches