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Rute Design, Inc is a product development company based in Chicago. Our specialty is around the development, support and creation of products from direct hire project by project industrial design to OEM product development. OEM products include Rute owned products, 3rd party partner’s products, or customized sourced materials and components.


Rute operates as a traditional product design consultant as well as a custom OEM product developer. We develop products on a project basis for a wide variety of industries. These include Commercial Equipment, Gaming, Housewares, Fitness Equipment, Furniture, Power Tools and Consumer Products. Our OEM products include Rute owned products, 3rd party partner's products, or customized sourced materials and components.


Our Philosophy

"Traditionally designers are queried for a 'need' and then have to solve problems to fulfill it. But in reality a designer needs to look at cost targets, broad manufacturing goals, edging competition - and then find a design that solves for all of those parameters - making all of the parameters into one final thing - completing the puzzle." - Robert Glenn, President Rute Design

There always has to be a discovery phase, a design phase and a product roll-out - the basis of a traditional design process, but based on this puzzle philosophy WHAT we are researching, and HOW we are designing within those discovery results are very different that the average design firm.

Our Process

We look at all projects in phases: Concept Generation, Optimization, Visualization and Realization

It's impossible to define a scope for something that doesn't exist - hence the challenge with product creation. With the above process we are actually able to create scopes. The client gets what they want to get because there is total clarity from the beginning of the project.

  • Concept Generation: ask, listen, search, analyze.
  • Visualization: sketch, 3-D model, photo-real render.
  • Optimization: time, quality money - plan, troubleshoot.
  • Realization: "Looks Like" & "Works Like" models, prototyping, tooling, production, art, post-engineering.
  • Fiinalization: E-Commerce Front and Back End, B2C Fulfillment, B2B Fulfillment.

How We Develop New Products

From inception an idea has to grow. Product development is an organic and subjective endeavor needing expert cultivation practices to fully realize the roll-out. Our capabilities are the tools we use to support the cycle. Rute has been through this many times and we have refined our approach to every part in the context of the whole.

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